Digital Witness


Considering that my days are a constant battle between school and work, I have spent an insane amount of time perfecting my digital footprint. There is probably not one social media site that doesn’t have my face plastered in some kind of artistic page online. However, the best thing about my technological obsession is that I am able to catch onto the next-new-thing with ease. Although I can’t build an entire monitor from a couple potatoes and batteries, I would consider myself a digital native. Based on the fact that I know how to troubleshoot and have a lengthy understanding of how to navigate the internet.

I would say that my experience of digital media is pretty lengthy especially because my main expertise is in filmmaking, which doesn’t function without the use of technology, software, and social media for promotion. I spend a lot of my time behind a silver screen, and in front of a computer monitor.

Throughout this course, I hope to be able to create something that is not just for my own personal enjoyment, but instead something that can actually assist someone in the future. I was really hooked by the opportunity to work with the Woody Guthrie Center on a multi-media project based on my background in film and the fact that I really enjoy the musical works of Bob Dylan, Richie Havens, and Arlo Guthrie. Therefore, when I heard that we’d be covering Phil Ochs, I was more than ecstatic to join the course.

If you’re wondering what the title of this post has anything to do with the technology theme, it’s lyrics from a song by one of my favorite musicians St. Vincent called Digital Witness. The song warns about a future in which people are socially isolated and cannot live their lives without the need to digitally capture everything to share it online. In essence, everyone becomes a digital witness of their surroundings and everyday life. I would recommend watching the video for full experience, mainly due to it’s obscurity and striking visuals.

“Digital witnesses, what’s the point of even sleeping?
If I can’t show it, if you can’t see me
What’s the point of doing anything?”

I thought about the song while I was writing this post, which is why it ended up making it onto this post. I think it really capture the worries and fears of many people when it comes to the topic of having a digital life. Personally, there is nothing better for me than having something on the internet that captures your taste and interests, which is why I welcome technology and social media with open arms.



5 thoughts on “Digital Witness

  1. Amairani!

    I am so excited that you are in this class. I’m super in to your American Studies aesthetic. Your blog is super cool. I wish I would have thought of that title. You can go anywhere with it.

    The St. Vincent song is great! Thanks for introducing it to me.

    I’m also super excited about working with the Woody Guthrie Center. They are one of my favorite places in town. Folk music is my favorite. Do you know Folk Uke? If you don’t, you should check them out for sure!

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  2. I love the musical influences that I’m seeing on all of our blogs. It’s interesting to me to see what music people identify with. It speaks volumes on ones personal perspective. I can relate to the battle between school and work. Here’s to the class, may we “self-brand” well. Good luck this semester!



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  3. I enjoyed reading your blog and found it to be very interesting, especially when you talked about Digital Witness. I don’t have much of a digital life at all and am working on changing that, so it’s really neat to read something from the perspective of someone who does have a well developed digital life.

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  4. I agree that being on social media does help one “stay in the loop”, doesn’t it. The best part about this assignment is how much we are getting to know our peers at OSU and certainly one day we will all be colleagues of some sort. It’s a great way to begin building our own networks. Also, I love how we seemed to have found quotes to match our takes on things. Here’s to a great semester!


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