How To Run The Best Blog In Town

“Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend.” Mark Zuckerberg

In searching for the perfect example and worst blogs about a specific subject, I chose to focus on film and work from there. I asked around my friend groups where they go to for their information on the latest thing happening in the film industry, and I got several suggestions.

The website I was recommended the most was Richard Brody’s column on The New Yorker. I found it to be a great example because the titles of each post tell you exactly what you’re going to read about. In addition, you are not bombarded by a post unless you click on it. In terms of visual appeal, the use of one simple image per post allows someone to make connections between what is being talked about and what they are viewing. If anything, the page could use an archival system to find previous posts easier, or some kind of organization method that would allow us to find specific film or director content. Overall, the page is very easy to read, and organized very nicely for the reader.

In terms of an example of a blog that is not a great example, I chose a blog that is also considered prominent amongst film writers called Unexplained Cinema. The excessive use of pictures is distracting and the lack of writing makes the blog almost useless for anything else than visual reference. It also does not pay attention to copyright rules. Searching for previous posts is confusing and it is cluttered. The blog is too busy and does not inform readers about anything about the film except a couple images from each. It would be useful for aesthetic purposes, but there is no other use for the blog.

Although both of the blogs cover film in some way, Richard Brody’s spot on The New Yorker is a good example of a useful site for reader and those interested in finding out about film. Unexplained Cinema in my opinion is a bad example because of how it is organized and the lack of information from it.

Looking at these two examples has given me a lot of insight into how my blog should be organized for my readers.





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