Privacy Challenge

Over the past week I spent some time taking the “The Privacy Challenge”, which was a part of The Privacy Paradox. My “privacy personality” turned out to be that of a “Realist”. Under this classification, it turned out that I was concerned with my privacy, but not enough to start downloading every security application to keep my birthday from the world. I didn’t apply any of the so-called “Magic Sauce” to my accounts because I started the challenge late. However, I’m fairly sure the system would identify me as androgynous considering that I don’t tend to post things are generally associated with either gender. I know that usually people are very scared whether Facebook knows their favorite color is green, but I think I’ve done enough privacy arrangements on my own pages to feel safe about my accounts.

When I googled myself, I did not find anything related to me specifically until the 3rd page. Once I googled my name plus “Tulsa”, I found several pictures, videos, and articles about activities and events that I’ve participated in. In addition, I also found accounts that I have on Letterboxd, LinkedIn, and Twitter. I feel like everything that popped up was relevant to me and painted a nice picture of my work and interests in the community. Overall, I am satisfied with my privacy on the web and feel that I know how to manage my accounts with the privacy I desire.


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