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Although finding sources that are verifiable according to Wikipedia terms might seem difficult at first, I think I found some great information that would serve as great additions to pages on Wikipedia that have an association with Phils Ochs.

I chose to focus on an album called Amchitka which was a recording from a benefit concert of musicians Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, and Phil Ochs. The concert was put on to help fund Greenpeace and their efforts against nuclear weapon testing. Phil Ochs contributions in the page are very limited to which I found some information from two different sites that spoke a little bit further about Phil Ochs.

  1. The first source can be found at

This article was chosen because it included Phil Ochs as a contributor to the Amchitka album and discuss how much this concert impacted the future efforts of Greenpeace by funding their first voyage. The fact that Phil Ochs was involved in that effort is very substantial to his legacy as an activist, and I will use it to point out the involvement of Phil Ochs in the movement.

2.  The source and article can be found at

This one was chosen because it talks about some primary moments during the concert from one of the producers and also includes the number of songs that were written by Phil Ochs that are included in the album. I will use it to explain his contributions and some notes about his performance.

The sources pass the verifiability test because they are from reliable sources that have a primarily neutral point of view and are not user-generated.

I also chose to focus on the film Chords of Fame (1984) which was a documentary feature about the life of Phil Ochs.

3. The article can be found at

This one was chosen because it talks a little bit about the production of the film and some insight into the film. I plan to use it to add more input into the film synopsis and notes about the production.

4. The last source can be found at

It was chosen because it has a lot of information about the film, contributors, actors, budget, and a lot of specifics that are not found on the wikipedia page. I plan to use it to update the list of individuals involved in the making of the film.

They pass Wikipedia’s verifiability page because they are from reliable and direct sources that are not biased. For example, BAMPFA is the name for University of California Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, while Turner Classic Movies has verified information about the making of the film.





2 thoughts on “Resources for Ochs

  1. Nice work Amirani! I like how you included the documentary because I know how film is your interest. I thought your resources were incredibly diverse and informative on the pages you chose. Did you have to change your article topics a bunch before you found the right one or were you able to get right to it?

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