Love Me, I’m Going to the Woody Guthrie Center

Tomorrow, we will be visiting the Woody Guthrie Center to tour the museum and speak with some of the archivists about the Phil Ochs Collection. The collection was given to the museum by the daughter of the musician, Meegan Lee Ochs, who entrusted the center in Tulsa with journals, music sheets, and personal papers among other things.

While looking through collection, it was interesting to see two of the things pertaining to my recent Wikipedia assignment – The Amchitka Concert and Chords of Fame (1984) Contracts.

My expectations to the center are very high because I’ve only been to the center in the past to watch a film, and have never really had the chance to walk around the museum. I am expecting and hoping to see some of the collections and learn a little bit about what the center is currently working on. Throughout the course, I’ve really had a growing appreciation for Phil Ochs and his discography, so it will be especially interesting to learn a little more about some of his personal belongings and how they made their way to museum,

I would like the ask the archivists if any of the documents were in bad condition and if they had to go through some kind of recovery process, or if the collection was in good condition? In addition, I would also like to know if any pieces were kept out of the collection or were not available to be used due to certain circumstances? Also, one of my main questions is when the collection will be officially available for the public to look through, because currently the collection is only open for research.

I’m excited to see some of the diaries and journals because I think that written documents hold the most personal meaning to a person. I think that diaries, especially those of artist, are the verge between what seperates the individual from the artist. The fact that Phil Ochs was very concerned with the world also gives insight into his emotional connection to life and the way people lived throughout his time, it’ll be very interesting to see the state of his belongings.

I am curious as to whether the collection is similar to the other collections that they have in the museum or if there is something special or different about the Phil Ochs connection. It could possibly be connected to the way they preserve the collection.

Overall, I am excited to finally take the first step towards our digital project with the center.



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