“I’ve Had Her”

On the 1967 Phil Ochs album “Pleasure of the Harbor”, the fourth track is “I’ve Had Her”. I became interested in the song after including it in my playlist assignment for last week. Initially I was confused whether the song could be some kind of love song, or a song diminishing the beautiful women with bad intentions.

It became clear after analyzing several of his verses that Phil Ochs is probably singing about how a woman could have all the beauty in the world, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t kill yourself over her in the pursuit.

Some of the insight I found into the song was that the woman that Ochs was with in the time before the song was release, was Alice Skinner. They divorced in 1963, and the album was released in 1967. It is possible that the song is about Alice.

” Ochs was briefly married to Alice Skinner from 1962-1965 and they had one daughter, Meegan Ochs in 1963.” 

– Woody Guthrie Center

The overall context of the song is filled with myths and archetypes about women, however, most of them are described as attainable women.

I did a couple annotations on the song with connections to greek mythology and biblical stories.




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