Podcast on Ochs


Chelsea, Laura, and I  decided to take our assignment and focus on the man, the myth, and the legend. We wanted to  incorporate some of the information that we discussed in our annotations and wiki projects. We spent some time organizing everyone to cover specific sections and questions. My question was based on how Ochs’ life influenced his music and I was able to talk about how his recent divorce could’ve had some impact on one of his songs.

What worked well was that we all had something interesting to add to the discussion, and we were able to come up with questions together. Chelsea also had her background in recording and editing software so she was able to help us out by providing her knowledge over the technology. What did not work well is that we didn’t know that Soundcloud had changed its download process.

Some of the difficulties that we encountered was that one of our clips had some kind of tapping noise that ruined the clip. We had to go back and re-record the question, but luckily it was easy to do it again and edit it back in with ease.

Some tips for next time is to do playback on the clips and ensure that we are recording in a quiet space. It’s really important that the microphone is positioned in a way that does not disrupt it and that everyone can be heard at the same level.





One thought on “Podcast on Ochs

  1. Good advice. See Amanda’s post for additional, similar thoughts. In re playback, did you try a test recording before you started in earnest? Many background problems can be caught in a test take.


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