TimelineJS: A Review

TimelineJS is a media tool developed by Northwestern University Night Lab, in order to push journalism forward. It is free to use and is done through Google Drive and the Spreadsheet Template. The timeline is free to make and no fees have to be paid to the organization, and information can be re-used and modified. … More TimelineJS: A Review

Love Me, I’m Going to the Woody Guthrie Center

Tomorrow, we will be visiting the Woody Guthrie Center to tour the museum and speak with some of the archivists about the Phil Ochs Collection. The collection was given to the museum by the daughter of the musician, Meegan Lee Ochs, who entrusted the center in Tulsa with journals, music sheets, and personal papers among … More Love Me, I’m Going to the Woody Guthrie Center

Digital Witness

  Considering that my days are a constant battle between school and work, I have spent an insane amount of time perfecting my digital footprint. There is probably not one social media site that doesn’t have my face plastered in some kind of artistic page online. However, the best thing about my technological obsession is … More Digital Witness